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Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) offers the best online coaching facilities for medical examinations. They provide students with guidance and training to face difficult entrance exams like AIIMS and NEET. Established in 1999, IIB is one of the top medical coaching institute situated in Maharashtra with more than 15,000 graduated students. During the pandemic, institute has emerged as the best online coaching for AIIMS.

You must follow the listed points for a successful journey:

Be determined.

All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a national level medical exam held once a year for students aspiring to enter the medical field. AIIMS is a competitive exam, inviting over 1,200 applicants every year. Taking this exam and clearing the exam requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

Know everything.

It is important to know everything about AIIMS before you attempt the exam. AIIMS is an online computer-based exam that is held only once a year during May. The test contains 200 questions and covers five main subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, general knowledge, and aptitude. The syllabus of AIIMS covers both the 11th and 12th standard syllabus.

Start studying.

Studying for AIIMS cannot be done overnight. It requires rigorous work for two years. Students should ideally start studying at the beginning of their 11th standard to ensure they have the best possible chance at acing the test. It is essential to understand the topic because there will be application questions.

Follow a schedule.

Studying for AIIMS is not a sprint that you can hope to win with last-minute preparation. It is a marathon that begins when you complete your 10th standard exams. Preparation for AIIMS should be done following a strict schedule. It is crucial to study on a daily basis, even if it is for only one hour each. If you take an extended break, you are less likely to find the motivation to study again.

All subjects are equal.

Some students believe that physics or chemistry is more important than general knowledge or the aptitude test. However, all subjects are equally important, even if they don’t hold the same weightage.

Don’t take shortcuts.

The worst thing to do while preparing for this exam is to take shortcuts while studying. Make sure you don’t skip any topic or subtopic. Each topic is just as important as the next. They are all interconnected, and understanding one will help you understand the entire subject better. The best online coaching for AIIMS can help you in this area.

Take Notes.

Your notes form the foundation of your preparation. Taking notes on every topic studied ensures that you don’t have to read the entire textbook for revision. Notes should be easy to understand and refer to, so you aren’t lost during revision.

Finally, take help.

AIIMS is an important exam that covers a very vast syllabus. While it is possible to study on your own, there are many topics to cover, making study very stressful. Ideal Institute of Biology offers the best online coaching for AIIMS.

IIB have experts who will guide you in your exam preparation. IIB has friendly teachers who are always available to help students. The institute has an AIIMS online test series that students can write after they finish the syllabus. It will give you the final push you need to pass the exam.




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