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When most people think about coaching institutes for NEET and JEE the first thought that comes to their mind is Kota. But is leaving your family and friends to study in the melting pot of a pressure cooker in Kota really the best solution to pass the NEET and JEE examinations especially if you are from Maharashtra? We don’t think so and there are some wonderful NEET preparation coaching institutes in Maharashtra itself which you should be taking advantage of. Today we’ll talk about why going anywhere other Maharashtra for your NEET classes might not be the best solution for you.

Why You Should Consider Studying For NEET in Maharashtra

1. A thought provoking statement about Kota is that not all those that goto Kota get into AIIMS or IIT and not all those that are in IIT/AIIMS are from Kota. You have to remember that fact. There are extremely talented faculty members and the best NEET coaching classes right here in Maharashtra.

2. Speaking about the best faculty in Kota, what are the chances that you will be part of the class that will have the best faculty that they normally brag about? The chances are less than 1% because of the sheer number of students that actually go to Kota.

3. Being away from your family and friends can actually have a negative impact on your mental balance which is one of the most important thing when you are working towards securing a place in the top medical colleges of India. If you ever feel that the pressure of studying is getting to much to handle and you don’t like the competition around you then a few days break with your family members will actually help you to score better in your exams.

4. The kind of individual attention you will receive by staying in your home town and studying at the top institutes there will never be the same as the NEET coaching classes elsewhere. The NEET coaching classes in Maharashtra might actually be your best chance at securing a place in the medical college of your choice.

5. What you need while preparing for extremely competitive exams like NEET is to have the right balance of mental and physical stability. If you are not used to staying away from home then getting into a pressure situation like Kota is like rubbing salt on your wounds. Only a few people are capable of handling the kind of pressure that Kota puts on you. It isn’t for everyone and you should be okay with that.

Best NEET Coaching Classes inMaharashtra

Ideal Institute of Biology in Maharashtra is one of the most renowned NEET coaching classes. The track record of students from IIB is one of the best in all of India which is not a fact that most people are aware about. The faculty are on par with the rest of the country and more importantly the individual attention the students in IIB get is one of the primary reasons you should consider applying. If you are looking for the best coaching classes for NEET in Maharashtra get in touch with IIB today!

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