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JIPMER medical entrance exam is conducted to admit students to the MBBS programs at the prestigious Jawaharlal Institutes of Post Medical Education and Research (JIPMER). There are two branches of JIPMER in the country – one at Puducherry and the other at Karaikal, offering a total of 200 MBBS seats. Both feature among the top medical colleges in the country, and every year over one lakh candidates write the JIPMER exam. In this blog, we will be discussing what a candidate needs to do to secure one of the two hundred coveted seats in the two colleges leaving their competitors behind and how the best coaching centre for JIPMER– Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB), can help him/her with the preparation.

How to ace JIPMER?

When it comes to JIPMER preparation, every student has their own strengths and weaknesses, which makes their JIPMER preparation strategy unique. But even after taking these disparities into account, over the years, some features of the preparation of JIPMER toppers remain the same. Some of these features have been discussed below.

  • Knowing the JIPMER syllabus in and out.

Knowing the syllabus inside out is the first step to curating a good preparation strategy for any exam. In the case of exams like JIPMER, where the curriculum is enormous, knowing the syllabus comprehensively becomes essential to avoid a waste of time and effort. When a candidate is familiar with the JIPMER exam outline, he/she can make optimum use of the preparation time and his/her hard work. 

  • Designing a rigid curriculum and sticking to it.

Once a candidate has seen the JIPMER syllabus, he/she should design a curriculum that will be followed throughout the preparation time. This curriculum should consist of concept-learning sessions, problem-solving sessions, regular tests, and analysis sessions devoted to those tests. Along with hard work, discipline is a crucial ingredient of success in JIPMER. So, one should be disciplined and should stick to this curriculum and not deviate from it.

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses.

When a candidate starts to solve problems and take tests, he/she begins to realize the areas of strengths and weaknesses. Once these areas have been identified, the candidate should devote time accordingly to these areas and improve their test scores. Doing this will ensure that when the D-day comes, most of the weak regions have been worked on, and the candidate is confident of his/her preparation. 

  • Revising.

As mentioned above, the JIPMER syllabus is vast. So, it is natural for candidates to forget some concepts, facts, or formulae. In order to avoid this, one should make it a point to revise the chapters that have already been covered from time to time. 

How does IIB help?

Going through the features mentioned above of preparation, one should realize that knowing the syllabus in-depth and designing a preparation curriculum accordingly might be an uphill task for a candidate and can meddle with time and effort. Also, the curriculum might not be as effective as it is needed to crack JIPMER. This is where the best coaching centre for JIPMER, IIB, comes to the rescue.

To Sum Up

IIB, one of the most reputed medical coaching institutes in Maharashtra, has been helping students crack JIPMER for years now. IIB’s expert and experienced faculty know the intricacies of JIPMER’s syllabus and have prepared an ingenious curriculum for JIPMER that has been yielding exquisite results year after year. Coupled with the top-quality faculty and practical curriculum, IIB’s study material, which contains essential concepts, formulae, and problem-solving tricks, sets the institute apart from other JIPMER coaching classes. 




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