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Benefit of nurturing medical dreams at an early age

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A survey revealed that 95% of NEET toppers have started with their preparation from as early as class 11th.

And you are still waiting to rejoice your +2 years and start a committed schedule after class 12th.

Obviously, you are still young, and preparation for NEET involves rigorous practice.

Or, you assume that the only way to secure a gorgeous rank is through a premium institute asking for a hefty amount of money?

The answer to these is no.

No, you need not wait for two precious years to pass to attempt your chance at NEET. The majority of students start their preparation as early as class 11th.

And also, you need not move away from the comfort of your house and pay for a hundred thousand to score a perfect 720.

Therefore, we have tried to list 3 ways preparing for NEET early could benefit you in the longer run.

Time to re-approach your methodologies

A well-defined strategy is what makes your preparation more structured. When you re-mold your study patterns and understand it on a deeper level, you get to fix certain misguided information.

The most important strategy to crack NEET is to understand the key concepts behind the three subjects.

Reading NCERT is still not an outdated piece of advice. Starting your preparation at an early age gift, you time to adorn every concept and clear your doubt.

A span of two years is considered enough for NEET preparation.

More time to complete and revise the syllabus

Completion and revision are both faces of the same coin. While completion is necessary at the same time, giving time for revision is also essential.

Try to allot time daily to revise formulas, equations, diagrams, etc.

When you start your preparation early, you get ideas to approach a similar question in a different context.

If under mentorship, you get to hit and try different ways to tackle stress and enjoy your period of NEET preparation.

Allows you to appear for mock tests

Okay. Let’s not talk about this. The more tests you visit the more confidence you gain.

Mock tests are most important while preparing for NEET. When you start to prepare from an early time, chances are you would dedicate enough time to give mock tests and analyze the mistakes you commit.

Students who are serious about NEET preparation start joining regular coaching from class 11th.

This brushes their concepts and terms are easier to understand.


The most suggested way to prepare for NEET is to start your preparation from an early time. This would allow you to grasp concepts more easily without the stress of completing the whole vast syllabus within a few months.

Also, preparation from early gives you enough time to rejuvenate over the concepts and practice more questions. This will provide you an extra edge over your competitors. You can focus on your weak subject and sections because you already have enough time.

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