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How do Online NEET Test Series help to rank better in the NEET Exam?

One of the most productive methods to practice and evaluate your performance during NEET preparation is to regularly attempt an online test series. Nowadays, most of the major exams are shifting towards online modes. Online test series are a better platform to prepare and adapt to the actual situation during the exams.

Easy Accessibility and availability

You can access the online test series very easily as it has a user-friendly interface. There is no need for any kind of special software to access them. You can open them in any browser and start your test. 

Exact Situation and test pattern 

Online NEET test series are exactly based on real test situations and exam patterns, which gives you a real-time experience of facing an exam and its pressure. The number of questions and the time given to complete is the same as the main paper. These papers’ regular practice can help students adapt and do better with every online practice test paper.

Enhancement of speed and accuracy 

Practice makes you perfect. Attempting an online test increases your ability to solve questions faster because of the limited time. It doesn’t only increases your speed but also helps you to solve the question correctly.

Result and Analysis is easy 

After the practice, you can analyze your performance with instant results and a scorecard. It helps you realize how much more you need to work and do better in the main exam. It helps in identifying your level of preparation.

Helps in realizing the weak areas 

Instant results and analysis help you identify and work on the weak areas and plan accordingly to rectify errors.

Helps to reduce negative marking 

Since these assessments are based on real-world patterns, taking an online test not only recognizes mistakes, but also allows students to reduce their negative marking by presenting the outcomes of attempted negative questions.

Cost effective 

The cost of an online test series is minimal. It produces better results, and with each success, one can see progress.


IIB delivers its students with the best study materials, which are developed by experts. Once students have completed the syllabus, IIB provides a range of NEET online test series to help them develop their training and courage. A set of exams will be administered to the students. The exams are based on the NEET exam format. To take the tests online or offline, each student will be given a username and password. The Online NEET test series are really useful for having a feel for real exam situations before taking the actual one. It aids in the comprehension of the exam pattern, as well as the improvement of efficiency and agility. These enhancements can only be attained by continuous practice, which eventually aids in improving one’s NEET ranking. The test series is developed by the experienced faculty members of Ideal Institute of Biology using the most recent exam pattern and exam review.