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NEET Success Stories: Inspiring Journeys of Medical Students

A NEET aspirant’s success is the result of unwavering perseverance, relentless hard work, and a passion for medicine that drives them toward their objective. It is the ability to overcome obstacles, accept failure as learning, and keep moving forward with tenacity. NEET success is assessed not just by the score obtained, but also by the growth and experience during the trip. 

Here are a few success stories from IIB toppers that prove that if you work hard with full determination nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

Success Stories of Our Shining Stars

Palak Jaju (705/720): Outstanding Performance in Physics

Palak’s journey to success was not so easy. She initiated her NEET preparation right from the 11th standard, relying on online classes for guidance. Initially, she dedicated 4 hours to self-study along with 6 hours of online coaching classes daily. Palak’s dedication was evident in her exceptional performance, consistently scoring more than 600 in every mock test conducted by the institute for NEET practice. According to Palak, achieving success in NEET requires consistent effort over two years of intensive study. In an interview, she expressed, “720 marks in NEET are just like 720 days in two years, so preparing for one mark daily can lead to sure success.” Her journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring NEET students, emphasizing the significance of sustained effort and determination in realizing their medical dreams.

Furthermore, Palsk has secured 180/180 marks in Physics which is a remarkable point of her success. Her mother’s motivation has played a crucial role in her success.

Watch Palak’s success with us at:

Dyaneshwar Jadhav (700/720):  Perfect 360/360 in Biology

Consistency, persistence, and hard work prove to be the ultimate keys to success in NEET, as exemplified by Dyaneshwar. He found immense motivation and inspiration in the teachers and teaching methods at IIB. According to Dyaneshwar, the focus on conceptual clarity before progressing further is a fantastic approach to NEET learning. At IIB, the teachers ensure that every student comprehends the concepts thoroughly, empowering them to move ahead with confidence. The study material provided by IIB has been a valuable support for Dyaneshwar, perfectly tailored for the NEET exam and aiding in his preparation. He also found the doubt-clearing session helpful to get a better understanding of the topic.

Furthermore, Dyaneshwar added “IIB has been my Guiding Light Throughout. The study material was well-structured, easy to understand, and covered all the necessary topics, Ensuring I had a solid Foundation.”

Watch Dyaneshwar Success Journey:

Arjun Lingdale (700/720): Outstanding Performer

Arjun, our outstanding star performer, expresses heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers, staff, and family members for his success in the NEET exam. According to him, the combination of hard work, dedication, and consistent effort in studies is the key to achieving success in NEET. Arjun extends special thanks to all the teachers for their dedicated commitment to comprehensively covering every topic in the course.

Maintaining speed and accuracy emerged as crucial factors that paved the way for Arjun’s success. Initially, he devoted significant time to question analysis, but with continuous practice, the right support, and a strategic approach to solving the paper, he was able to improve his speed significantly. Arjun’s journey exemplifies the importance of relentless practice, proper guidance, and a focused approach to conquering the challenges of the NEET exam.

At last he said “जो संघर्ष से परिचित नहीं हुआ वो चर्चित नहीं हुआ”

Watch Arjun’s journey with us:

Bharti Deshmukh 696/720: A perfect 360/360 Biology 

Bharti’s success in the NEET exam can be attributed to her strategic approach towards preparation. To achieve her goals, she consciously limited her social media usage and reduced mobile distractions, allowing her to focus wholeheartedly on her studies. For Physics, Bharti relied on the comprehensive question bank provided by IIB, while Organic Chemistry was mastered through her diligent study of class notes. The study materials offered by IIB also proved invaluable in her journey to success.

Bharti emphasized the significant role played by good friends in her success journey. Their support and encouragement acted as a source of motivation during challenging times. Moreover, having a perfect guide or mentor proved to be crucial for Bharti’s consistent progress and unwavering motivation throughout her preparation. Under IIB’s expert guidance, Bharti emerged as one of the top-performing students, and her success story in the medical entrance exam stands as a testament to the effectiveness of IIB’s support and mentorship in shaping bright futures.

At last, she added “Self-confidence and motivation lead to great achievement”

Watch Bharti’s success story:

Sayali Mahindkar (705/720): Incredible Achievement in Chemistry(180/180)

Sayali expresses her heartfelt gratitude to her teachers and parents for their consistent support and guidance throughout her success journey. She divides her NEET preparation in two distinct phases: the preparation phase and the deciding day. During the preparation phase, you can make mistakes and analyze them to eliminate them, as there is no scope for the mistake on deciding day. To strengthen her foundation, she recommended utilizing NCERT books for concept clarification in all subjects. By mastering and understanding the concepts thoroughly, Sayali found it easier to tackle questions and achieve a commendable score.

Sayali also highlighted the importance of taking care of her mental well-being. She understood that a healthy body and mind are essential for optimal focus and concentration. To achieve this, she ensured to get proper sleep of 6-8 hours and maintained a nutritious diet, providing her with the energy and freshness to approach her studies with a clear and energetic mind. 

“Staying calm and Motivated can help you in success” Sayali Mahindkar

Learn more about Sayali Mahindkar Success Journey:

Shrutika Arvind Mahajan (656/720): Overcoming Challenges, Creating History!

आजोबा आणि आईच्या मृत्यूनंतर ही तिने नशिबाला हरवलं आणि जिद्दीने अभ्यास करत यशोशिखर गाठले

Shrutika, an amazing student in our class, experienced various hurdles while studying for the NEET. Despite the fact that she had lost her grandparents and mother in an accident just two months before the exam, she demonstrated amazing courage. Shrutika, remarkably, continued her NEET preparation on the third day after the heartbreaking news, ready to accomplish the aspirations of her lost loved ones. Her extraordinary efforts were rewarded with an outstanding score of 656/720 in NEET 2023.

Shrutika’s success story is an example of the importance of perseverance and dedication in reaching one’s goals. Her capacity to overcome adversities is very inspirational.

Shrutika is grateful for the continuous support she received from the teaching and non-teaching staff at IIB,  by her parents, friends, and relatives throughout her preparation journey. Their overwhelming support played a vital role in motivating her to strive for success and reach new heights.

Watch Shritika Mahajan’s successful journey with us.

Shrutika Arvind Mahajan


Successful candidates become an inspiration for the upcoming batch. IIBians are always among the top in NEET results. With 23 years of legacy in education, IIB stands as one of the leading NEET coaching in Maharashtra. We have seven centers across the state in Nanded, Pune (FC Road & Pimpri), Akola, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Kolhapur, and Latur. Experienced faculty, a motivating team, and comprehensive study material have helped us in paving your path to success. Join the IIB expert team for sure success in the medical entrance exam and enlist your name in the toppers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend NEET without biology?

Answer: Biology is the main subject of the NEET exam. With biology, you are not allowed to appear for the exam as NEET is a medical entrance test, and you are required to have a basic understanding of biology for pursuing any medical course.

Is IIB Pune good for NEET?

Answer: For the past 23 years, IIB has been a major medical coaching center in Maharashtra, serving aspiring medical students. Thousands of students have achieved their goals with the help of IIB’s guidance and coaching over the years. Additionally, IIB has produced a number of NEET toppers who have gained admission to prestigious medical institutes such as AIIMS.

Is IIB only for biology?

Answer: IIB offers coaching for NEET and JEE aspiring students. IIB provides guidance not only in biology, it also covers math, physics, and chemistry subjects for the students. The institute’s experienced and top-notch faculty guides students and assists them in achieving good marks in both NEET and JEE. Additionally, IIB has produced thousands of NEET and JEE toppers in the last decade.

What is the fee of IIB Pune?

Answer: IIB Pune, Offers different courses for NEET and JEE aspirants. It offers a foundation, one-year course, and crash course for the candidates. The fee for each course is different. Moreover, IIB also offers scholarships for students who appear for MAHAFAST and get good marks in the exam. For more details visit the website.

Which institute is best for NEET?

Answer: IIB stands at the #1 position for NEET coaching institute in Maharashtra. Students from IIB have achieved incredible marks in the NEET 2023 exam. Some of them have secured full marks in biology, physics, and chemistry. The achievement of the institute in the past years has made it one of the best NEET coaching in the state.

Which coaching is best in Nanded for NEET?

Answer: IIB in Nanded is the top choice for NEET coaching. With 23 years of experience, it has a remarkable track record of producing NEET toppers who secure admissions in prestigious medical institutions like AIIMS. Students benefit from their expert guidance and support, making IIB the best coaching institute in Nanded for NEET preparation. In 2023, IIB produced toppers from the Nanded city adding to its remarkable journey.