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Most Effective Revision Strategy For NEET

Smart work is as important as hard work in an exam with a vast syllabus like NEET. Regular and systematic revision is the key to a good medical college. One needs to develop the most effective revision strategy for NEET according to their capability and memory retention.

What is the most effective strategy for revision? How do toppers revise? How much time to allocate for revision? Which is the best coaching institute for NEET to guide you in your journey? Is revising daily really beneficial? Let us discuss all of these most asked questions below:

How much time should you give?

Consistency is the building block in this exam. You need to put constant effort into your preparation and revision. It would be best to take out some time every day to revise the previous topics. Suppose your self-study time is 6 hours, you should take out at least 1 to 1.5 hours for revision.

How to retain complex topics?

Retaining examples from morphology, complex formulas of physics, and chemical reactions from organic chemistry are typical in one go. Charts and tables are the best way to deal with such topics. Take some effort to put this chart/table on a wall or front of your study desk where you can go through it almost every day. Consider including points which you forget very easily. You can also try brain hacks like Pomodoro Technique to increase the efficiency of your brain to retain memory.

How do toppers revise?

Krushnai Rathod, who secured 676/720 and 350/360 in biology from IIB Institute, shared some of her revision strategies with us. She used to focus more on revision than rushing through the syllabus. She considers solving questions to be the best way of revising numerical-based physics and physical chemistry. But to revise biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, and physics formulas, you need to recall and write it on a blank piece of paper to remember it effectively.

Some tips to boost efficiency

Take proper breaks

Studying all day without even a single break will reduce your mind’s efficiency. Relaxing your mind is very important to rejuvenate yourself. Don’t stick to your smartphone during these breaks. Take a brisk walk or a quick nap in 15 to 20 minutes. This will calm your body and fill you with energy for your next study session.

Fill in the time spaces between classes

Taking breaks during self-study is important, but ensure to utilize every minute fully when you have classes going on. Suppose you completed a certain section before time, utilize the remaining time to solve a numerical or revise a concept immediately. This method will slowly boost your performance and increase your potential.

Set time and solve

The time taken to solve a particular concept is as important as revising it. The time to revise a particular topic should decrease with the number of times you revise it so that when the examination is close, you have everything prepared. Try to set time according to the examination while solving physics numerically.

Which is the best coaching institute to guide you through your journey?

Selecting the best coaching Institute is very important because it will play an important role in your selection. Amidst the chaos of providing quality content, IIB is the preferred one. Institute offers two years learning program, repeater batches, and test series for NEET aspirants. Our top faculties will guide you throughout your journey in your success with their extensive experience, high passion, knowledge, and patience.