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Why is solving Mock Tests crucial for NEET 2021 preparation?

With time immortal, we, as students, have always cursed the existence of examinations as a whole.

Often we are brought eye to eye with statements locking the fact “your scores have nothing to do with your future.”

Surely it doesn’t, but what made you score less or simplest than all, what mistakes made you score less could make the whole difference.

Here, we have described five facts that will redefine your ideas to give more mock tests.

Assists you in discovering the best strategy

Suppose you have prepared for NEET 2021 all year long, with all dedication and concentration you had. But, without giving a single test.

What do you expect?

If experts were to answer, you would commit more silly mistakes in the paper. WHY?

Because you never tried to attempt a mock test before appearing for NEET 2021.

If you talk to NEET toppers or observe their interviews online, you would notice the fact they support giving more number of mock tests.

Many even insisted on dedicating a month before the examination and giving mock tests twice or at least once daily.

Interpreting the pre-examination stress

Many students with wholesome revision lack the confidence and drain all their confidence before the exam.

Which eventually results in poor performance and demotivation.

At IIB, students are taught to handle their examination phobia, hence erasing the stress related to the same.

IIB offers NEET online test series, which aims to boost your confidence and understand your strategy better.

While regular tests heighten your confidence, students who appeared for the least number of mock tests experience hardships while competing with meticulous students all over India.

It drives you to practice and prepare more.

It’s not necessary you would score a perfect 720 in every mock test you provide. In fact, the main aim of giving tests is to push you to practice more; as you already know, practice makes a man perfect.

No skill in this world can be possessed without practice. This is how mock tests help you push forward to your goal of securing a perfect 720 in the examination.

Dictates newer ways to solve questions

The perspective to solve a particular question need not be the same every time. 

NEET consists of a multiple-choice question pattern, which means the last thing the examiner wants to know is the correct answer. 

Solving mock tests open the door to explore newer ways to mold the solution.  Most preferably, you investigate shorter and less time-consuming ways to answer the same question.

This eventually saves your time in examination, thus granting you extra minutes to fill OMR sheets and, most importantly, revise.

Time management

Time management is in fact, the backbone of NEET preparation strategy.

We all are quite aware of the vast syllabus covered in NEET. And every topic served demands wholehearted concentration.

At Ideal Institute of Biology that is considered one of the best coaching institutes in India focuses on attributing knowledge in the simplest form viz, easy to understand. With experts in the field, they allow you to collect knowledge at your pace and keep a note of the time running.

NEET 2021 is approaching at a bullet speed, which confirms that reading on your own without a mentor could subtly hit your time limitations.

Mock tests serve as a great value while preparing for NEET 2021. Try to approach for as many tests as possible and to get more insights to sign up for NEET online test series.