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Scoring Big in NEET Biology: Must-Follow Study Tips

NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) is one of the most difficult and important national-level examinations for prospective medical professionals. Given the fierce competition for a limited number of seats, achieving a high rank becomes critical to realizing one’s aim of pursuing a career in medicine.

The significance of biology in the context of the NEET exam must be considered. While biology may create challenges for certain NEET applicants, obtaining a thorough understanding of its principles and delving into its complexity might be beneficial in improving your NEET score.

Understanding the NEET exam pattern, syllabus, and preparation strategies can help you in mastering biology. In this blog, we will learn how you can get perfect marks in NEET biology to accomplish your dream career in medicine.

How to Prepare Biology for NEET: Tips & Tricks

Since biology in NEET has got 50% weightage of the whole exam the relevancy of the subject increases. An effective and efficient strategy can help you get through the preparation and let you get the perfect score with a rank that can secure a seat in the top medical college.

  1. Go through the Syllabus: Study the latest NEET syllabus and make a study plan accordingly. A realistic and effective study strategy will help you to cover the entire course in time with some time left for the revision. 
  2. Choose the right books: Selecting the right book accomplishes half of your task. NCERT is considered the best book for NEET preparation as most of the questions are framed from the NCERT itself. In addition, use other good reference books to get an in-depth understanding.
  3. Write down Short Notes while studying the topic for the first time: While you are studying the topic for the time try to find out the keywords and take note of them. Once you cover the full syllabus these notes can help you in quick revision.
  4. Revision & Revision: Biology is full of theory so rote learning plays a significant role in the study of biology. Regular revision leads to better retention and understanding of subjects such as biology. 
  5. Use smart technology for study: Try to incorporate techniques such as flashcard reading, tables, memory learning, and quizzes to enhance your learning.
  6. Time Management: Give appropriate time for each subject in your study plan so that you do not lag behind in any of the subjects. 
  7. Practice questions: The questions asked in NEET are MCQs that require extensive practice. So practicing the previous year’s paper, a question bank, and a mock session are extremely useful.

Biology NEET Syllabus 

The full syllabus of the NEET exam as per the latest NEET exam pattern is as follows:

Diversity of Living Organisms14%
Structural Organisation in Plants & Animals5%
Cell: Structure and Function9%
Plant Physiology6%
Human Physiology20%
Genetics 19%
Biotechnology and its Applications4%
Biology and Human Welfare9%
Ecology and Environment6%
Reproduction(Animals & Plants)9%

Topic-wise NEET Biology Preparation 

Biology can be divided into two parts- Botany and Zoology. Both sections have equal questions i.e. 50 from botany and 50 from zoology. However, equal weightage is given for class 11th and 12th class which means you should not skip any topic in biology.

Chapterwise questions list for the biology NEET exam

Class 11th

TopicNo. of Questions
Cell & Cell Cycle (plants)5
Cell Structure and Function (animals)4
Diversity of Life5
Plant Physiology8
Structural Organisation of Plants6
Human Physiology10
Structural Organisation in Animals4
Plant Physiology0
Animal Kingdom5

Class 12th

Reproduction & Sexual Reproduction(animal & plants)4
Evolution of plants & animals2
Animal Husbandry & Biotechnology6
Biology in Human Welfare1
Animal Husbandry & Biotechnology6
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health6

How to Memorize Biology Easily 

Students can memorize the biology using the following tips by the experts:

  • Avoid using more resources or study material as they can lead to confusion.
  • Do not leave any topic as questions are asked from each topic.
  • Sole multiple choice questions as much as you can so that you can easily answer them in the NEET exam.
  • Practice the previous year’s paper to get an insight and understanding of what types of questions come in the NEET exam.
  • Revise regularly as rote learning requires daily practice so that you can remember more.
  • Make a note of the important topics and emphasize the topics as per the weightage.
  • Join the best NEET coaching and get guidance from the best teachers.

Tips for the NEET Biology Revision

  • Thoroughly review all diagrams and tables from NCERT books.
  • Examples of plant kingdoms, animal kingdoms, plant morphology, plant anatomy, and animal tissue are to be learned from the NCERT books.
  • Use pedigree analysis to make rapid inferences.
  • Discover the various genetic combinations for dihybrid crossings.
  • The basic dogma process in genetics should be completely changed.
  • Practise as many NCERT-based questions as you can.

Biology is one of the most significant sections in the NEET exam. If you want to secure a good rank in the NEET exam you must have hands-on learning of biology. IIB Career Institute offers comprehensive coaching for NEET aspirants from class 8th to 12th. The IIB has its centres located in different parts of Maharashtra including Nanded, Latur, Akola, Chhatrapati Shambhaji Nagar, Pune, and Kholapur. It also offers online NEET coaching through app-based learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to score 360 in NEET Biology tips?

Answer: Biology has a significant role in the NEET exam as 50% of questions in the exam come from this subject. It is a theoretical subject so memorization is very important. In addition, regular revision and making notes can help you in better learning and understanding.

How to make Botany notes for NEET?

Answer: For NEET botany the classification of plants is one of the most important topics. Students should understand the theory and concepts as most of the questions are based on the concepts. It is important to make short notes on botany as the subject requires memorization.

How to score maximum marks in NEET Biology?

Answer: Understanding the fundamentals along with taking down notes and regular study under expert supervision in the NEET coaching classes can help in scoring good marks in the NEET Biology exam.

Which chapter is important in Botany for NEET?

Answer: Some of the important chapters in biology include Human Physiology, Classification, Ecosystem, and genetics. These are important as most of the questions come from this section.

Which is the best NEET classes in Maharashtra?

Answer: IIB Career Institute is one of the best NEET classes in Maharashtra offering NEET classes from classes 8th to 12th. It has a proven track record of NEET success and 23 years of legacy in NEET coaching. The institute has an online and offline learning platform.