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Tag: 10 Best Ways to Strength NEET Basics for the NEET exam

10 Best Ways to Strength NEET Basics for the NEET exam

Cracking NEET exam is impossible without knowing the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You ought to first clear the NEET basic concepts, then go for advanced concepts and questions. It’s high time to start studying the topics, if you haven’t studied enough in your classes 11 and 12 and the level of competition is quite high. Your NEET training should be top-notch.

Best ways to strengthen NEET basics are as follows: 

Learn the fundamental concepts through examples

See the relevance and importance of the subject through real world examples and demonstrations. You can take help from your teacher or search online to work out the samples. Attempt as many example questions as you can, as they build the fundamentals of any subject.

Study by grouping chapters which have similar NEET basics

Many topics within the NEET syllabus relate to and depend upon one another. You should be thorough enough to connect the dots between these topics. 

Break large topics into small sub-topics for simple learning 

Once you’ve mastered one concept, move to the following. You’ll be surprised to seek out that after you actually understand some of the smaller concepts well, it’ll become much easier to find out and master larger concepts.

Don’t worry, understanding basics takes time

Thoroughly read your NCERTs. After you’ve read a major section of the subject, close your book and recall the important concepts and formulas. Give yourself time to know the fundamentals of the concepts. Don’t attempt to re-read multiple times without understanding.

Clearing basic concepts is that the key to solving Physics problems

Physics becomes very easy if you’re clear with the fundamentals. Start reading from the NCERT textbook of Physics to find out basics but don’t stop there. After that you can solve problems from coaching material before clearing your basics.

Write things right down to understand better and retain the fundamentals in Biology

Whenever you read a Biology topic from a book or coaching module, write down in your notebook important information like vocabulary, terminology, processes, diagrams, concept summary and explanations. Writing things down helps in understanding better and you’ll remember the fundamentals for an extended period of your time.

Understanding fundamental concepts helps in memorizing Chemistry

Chemistry concepts ride understanding units, conversion, and the way atoms and molecules interact. Specialise in understanding the basic concepts, then it’ll be easier to memorize other stuff. Write all formulas and equations in your notes. While practicing questions, confirm you understand each step of the matter and why it’s necessary.

Try new study methods and techniques 

Clear all the fundamentals altogether three subjects. If you discover any topic boring, then incorporate new effective methods of studying to form it more interesting. You’ll try this by active learning where you’ll question yourself, make flowcharts, tables, diagrams, concept maps, etc. 

Don’t leave the fundamentals which seem too trivial to you

Resolve each and each silliest of your doubts. Never quit on yourself and always try and learn and understand concepts. Learn the very basics of concepts and use it to unravel the toughest of the questions.

Strengthen your basics for NEET through online courses

Check out the best classes for NEET in online mode while physical coaching institutes are closed thanks to COVID-19, you’ll be able to strengthen your basics for NEET through online courses. Master the essential concepts from the most effective online tutors of NEET.


Naturally, preparing for the NEET exam is under immense pressure. This combined with the large syllabus, actually makes the exam seem a challenging one. Planning for NEET starts well in advance and the difficult road stretching out ahead can cause considerable distress. Even so there is no need to worry. The journey towards NEET can be a quiet and smooth sailing one by following the above basic tips and also by joining IIB institute.