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Pride of Meritorious students of IIB NEET 2021

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Proud Moment for IIB..!

IIB became the focal point for NEET.

NEET, the National Level Medical Entrance Test was conducted on 12 September 2021. The results of the exam were announced on November 1 and 33 students of IIB scored high in Biology. Aniruddha Dhakhare is ranked 38th in the country with 710 marks out of a total of 720 marks.

Aniruddha, while presenting his thoughts in the program, specifically mentioned that he got IIB scholarship for 2 years. He also expressed his feelings for team IIB. He said that his faith in the teachers and in their guidance led him to achieve his goal. He also appealed other students to keep complete faith in their teachers to reach out to the desired goal.


“तलाश जारी रखो सफर हसीन होगा, हकीकत बन जायेगा हर सपना अगर खुद पे यकीन होगा”

Saying this, AYUSH got a huge applause from the audience. He said that IIB is the best for NIIT preparation. This student also received IIB scholarships in both the 11th and 12th years.

Anil Rathod (Yashshree’s parents 360/360)

Parents should recognize their responsibility and support their children in a true manner, said Anil Rathod ji. Parent of Yashshree – Anil Rathore praised Team IIB and said that the secret of their child’s success is IIB and so far is the trust of parents and students in IIB. Ahead he explained that the expert professors, timely guidance, personal attention, regular interaction with students and parents are major factors in this success.

Wattamwar (Atharva’s parents)

Sharing his thoughts in the program, he advised the parents to trust their children and boost their morale.

He also thanked Team IIB for its support and wished Team IIB a great future ahead.

Telling the 22-year history of IIB, Director Dr. Mahesh Patil claimed that IIB is giving 100% original results and appealed to the students and parents to become invigilators and check the quality of classes.

He also mentioned ahead that due to IIB, the flow of students which was observed to go out of Maharashtra for NEET preparation is reduced remarkably. Also IIB is giving them strong and best options for NEET preparation in Nanded and Latur. He said that he has created a benchmark by proving the institution’s quality at the national level that too charging a relatively reasonable fee.

Hosted by Mr. Shirale, the introduction was done by Sheikh Sadiq, and thanked by Mr. Naresh Bhosale the whole program left happy memories in everyone’s mind forever.