Tips for JIPMER Exam Preparation

Effective NEET Study Plan For Droppers

Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) is one of the premier medical institutes in India. Students who get admission in this esteemed institute is considered to be the creamy layer of the medical students. Earlier students had to give separate JIPMER examination for getting admission in this respectable institute. But from 2020, a circular is passed wherein students have to give only NEET and based on the score of NEET, and eligible students will be admitted in JIPMER. Although it is no longer separate examination students, need to study and prepare for getting admission to this institute. Here are some general tips which will be helpful for JIPMER exam preparation.

Know what to study

Knowing what to study is always going to be the first step for preparing for any examination, whether it is for your regular studies or preparing for any special courses. Not knowing the syllabus is equivalent to being like a headless chicken running everywhere without knowing where to go. The curriculum will give you a structure while studying, and students will be able to concentrate only on those topics which are required for the JIPMER Exam preparation. Being aware of the syllabus will also help the students in preparing their time table for studying based on it. This will help them to organize themselves while preparing for the examination.

Keep Practicing is ‘THE’ word

No amount of practice is enough practice, and the more students’ practice, the better for the JIPMER exam preparation. Students should keep on practicing the previous years’ question papers as much as possible. By doing this, students will get an insight into how well they are prepared for the examination. The students will be aware of the topics where they need to prepare more as they have scored less on those specific questions. The most important of all, they will be made aware of how important time management is while preparing for the entrance examination.

Give More time on topics in which the student is weak

One thing student has to keep in mind that in the medical entrance examination guesswork won’t help them in any way. NEET examination gives negative marks to every wrong answer given by students; hence they have to be thorough while preparing for the exam. Students should not keep the topics they find difficult for the last minute. They should devote more time to understand and practice those topics, which will help them during the examination. As said before, there is no room for guesswork in the medical entrance examination, and students should keep that in mind while preparing for it.

Health is Wealth

Preparation thoroughly for the entrance examination is crucial but not at the cost of the health. Students should eat nutritious food and keep yourself hydrated, especially while preparing for the examination. Many students stress eat while studying, and the choice of food in such a situation is always junk food. Replace these unhealthy foods with healthy options like fruits or nuts. Although it would be little difficult to switch, a slight push in your will power will help you in the long run.

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