Parents Became Invigilators!!

Best Institute for NEET Physics Coaching

IIB is one of the leading coaching institutes for NEET preparations. 

It has been guiding students to glory, consistently over the last few years. In an attempt to test the students, it has been conducting an ‘IIB FAST’ exam in an offline mode regularly. The exam is conducted to give a boost to students’ career prospects and offer scholarship for deserving but needy students. This time due to the COVID -19 pandemic as it was difficult to let students come to the exam centre physically, the examination was conducted in an online mode by both Latur and Nanded branches of IIB.

The examination which was held on 14th March 2021 had an overall objective of boosting the persistence level of students and also encouraging them to conquer newer heights in their respective careers. Now, the online mode comes up with serious concerns about students cheating the exam or not giving it seriously, as there is nobody to keep a tab on them. But, this doubt and concern were removed by students and parents themselves. Every parent is worried about their ward’s education, parents want their children to do well in their studies, in turn doing better in life.  This worry about the future of a child makes them think that their child should give IIB FAST exam by observing due diligence, rightfully. They were feeling if the exam is given seriously then only it will be useful in the proper career development of a child. The child should sit for the examination, and give it a proper go, even when he or she knows that nobody is watching him or her, otherwise the whole purpose of the exam stands defeated.

Having all this in mind, IIB requested parents to keep an eye on their children while they appear in the online exam.

In other words, instead of conducting an exam at one centre, every house was made a centre, with every parent donning the hat of an invigilator. Parents too responded very well to this unique request by IIB, taking the responsibility of invigilation on their shoulder and expertly played the role of supervisor. Students also gave a tremendous response to the exam by appearing in huge numbers and it was because of their parents’ efforts, that it was possible to conduct the exam transparently. For this invaluable contribution, IIB family is thankful to all the parents and wishes very good luck for the bright future of students.






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