How to improve learning skills?

Personality Traits for NEET Student

Learning skills and improvement come in handy when you are committed to preparing for an examination as tough as NEET.

Examinations like NEET extract all the energy you have, playing with your routine and dedicating time to understanding your studying pattern will help you study smart rather than hard.

Here are a few tips you can try to reinvent your study schedule and find what works best for you.

1. Alter your location and study strategy

We, humans, tend to get bored easily. That’s why it’s extremely necessary to alter your location.

While a beautiful and relaxing location can speed up your study quota, a tiring schedule could make you feel lethargic.

Give yourself a break of 10 minutes every hour or 5 minutes every 30 minutes of the study session. Search for different scientifically-backed study techniques. One such is the Pomodoro technique.

2.  Take notes on your own

Taking your own notes helps you revive the textbook more easily.

It isn’t important to note every word spoken out of your teacher’s mouth but to pay attention and reduce the matter to half for a smooth grasp. Notes should be short and crisp because their main objective is to serve you with all the content before examinations.

Making notes by yourself helps you define your weak points of the chapter. This way, you can address your notes frequently to remember them.

Remember, every student has a different grasping capability. Try to maintain your equilibrium by addressing notes with sentences framed by you for a better understanding.

3.  Take mock tests frequently

NEET examination not just requires hard work but smart work too. And mock tests are the smartest way to figure out your weak section. Frequent mock tests also boost your confidence and push you to score more.

Whereas a score you score in the mock test of least value what you need to record is

a.    Time used by you in solving the question paper.

b.    Kind of silly mistakes you commit

c.    Weak subject

d.    Which section requires more practice

e.    External and internal factors resulting in a designed performance in the test

Tests serve a very high value in your NEET preparation strategy. Always give yourself tests in spite of all the excuses you have.

4. Review your classroom lectures after coming back home

It is very important to re-register the lectures given by your mentor. Try to elaborate on the way your mentor explained a particular topic. This will improve your caliber and would crystal clear your concepts.

Work smartly because the easiest passage to your brain is through your ears. Listen to your teachers carefully.

Many times students, rather than remembering the exact point, remember the way it was explained. Therefore note your teachers carefully with all your attention.

5. Get enough sleep

A complete and sound 6 hour of sleep allows your brain to rewire everything you collected all day long. Also, here’s a mega tip, revise formulas and equations just before you sleep. Scientifically it is proven that you tend to grasp and remember things you do before you sleep.

Try this today.


NEET preparation requires a wholesome concentration and a heart full of dedication. Improving and improvising your learning capability avoids boredom and gives you a brief idea about your personal learning curve. Ideal Institute of Biology helps you to improve your learning skills with various techniques while preparing you for NEET Entrance Exam.






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