Do’s and Don’ts During NEET Preparation

Effective NEET Study Plan For Droppers

Candidates preparing for NEET should know the Do’s and Don’ts while doing the preparation. This knowledge helps in avoiding the common mistakes and hindrances which can have serious effects.

The Do’s during NEET preparations

Do have a time table and study plan:

Having a timetable can help a lot in time management, it doesn’t really have to be very rigid. It should be flexible enough for you to make instant adjustments that you feel like applying. A study plan is important for candidates in which they can include all important topics in such a manner that each of them will get enough attention and practice before the actual exam.

 Manage your syllabus:

Candidates can divide the NEET syllabus into small units to target them properly. This can decrease the chances of confusion and it can also help in time management and the overall burden of the entire syllabus.

Do maintain strict discipline:

Study plan and Timetable can be effective only when you maintain the discipline and implement it regularly. Lack of discipline and ignorance will not yield any results in NEET.

Do practice 

If you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to win. – Andre Agassi.

In order to score well in NEET, regular practice is mandatory. It is important to solve as many mock tests, online tests, and sample papers as possible. Previous year question papers are very important in order to know and adapt to the pattern of the exam.

Do take care of mental and physical health:

All the preparations can go in vain if you don’t take care of your health and suffer health problems during the time of the exam. Mental health is also very crucial during the time of preparation in order to practice and finish the whole syllabus effectively.

Do sleep:

Your brain and body need proper rest in order to maintain the load during the preparation of NEET. Carelessness can cause serious problems in the process.

The Don’ts during NEET preparations

Don’t avoid or ignore Doubts:

Doubts should be resolved right away, keeping them in the future can cause a lot of trouble in the long run. Any kind of doubts should be prioritized first.

Don’t compare or think about other preparation:

Everybody has their own pace of preparation. Your approach can be very different from others. One should trust their own planning and preparations. Unnecessary comparison can break your confidence and can put you in a panic state before the examination.

Don’t lose confidence from the practice test 


Scores from mock tests are not always according to your preparations so there is no need to panic if you get bad scores.

Don’t take stress:

Give your best in the preparations and believe in your process. You should not stress as the exam date closes.


To give your best shot in the upcoming NEET exam you need to keep in mind these Do’s and Don’ts. With focus and dedication to your goal, this will seem much easier and you will definitely achieve what you deserve. 

Don’t forget IIB is there at every step to guide you.






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