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Learning should not be held captive by any barrier, not even a ravaging pandemic. The Internet has made sure that learning and teaching go on unabated during these testing times. In India, students preparing for medical entrance exams like NEET and AIIMS have turned to the best online coaching for NEET and AIIMS to ensure that their preparation hits no roadblock. Most reputed institutes like the Ideal Institute of Biology (IIB) have taken their NEET and AIIMS courses online to provide their students with a safe learning environment. In this blog, we will be having a look at some of the salient features of an excellent online AIIMS and NEET course and also see what makes IIB’s online course as one of the best online AIIMS and NEET courses.

Characteristics of an excellent online course for NEET and AIIMS course.

  • Learning should be seamless.

The classroom learning experience is deeply ingrained in our consciousness. Most students love classroom coaching, mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, they are familiar with it, and secondly, classroom teaching is seamless. So, any online course that aims to prove itself effective to students should be smooth. There shouldn’t be frequent interruptions in the classes, and the digital classroom platform should provide the students and the teachers the means to communicate effectively with each other as and when required. When the online learning sessions are smooth and simulate the classroom learning experience, students are more likely to find them helpful.

  • A proper online testing strategy should be in place.

Taking regular tests is a significant part of the NEET and AIIMS preparation strategy because it helps students to identify their strong and weak areas and then work on them accordingly. It also gives them a taste of the actual exam scenario. Therefore, the best online courses for NEET and AIIMS should consist of regular tests. These questions that feature in these tests should be representative of the actual NEET and AIIMS questions. Also, these tests should be evaluated so as to provide the student with an insight into where he/she went wrong. 

  • The course should consist of doubt clearing sessions.

Useful online courses for NEET and AIIMS should not only be about teaching concepts and taking tests. It should give equal importance to clearing the doubts that might arise in the students’ minds regarding a particular concept or problem. If these doubts aren’t cleared in time, they may turn into significant loopholes in the candidate’s preparation and can prove to be his/her undoing on the D-day. Hence, all good NEET and AIIMS online courses should include doubt clearing sessions where students can clear their doubts from expert faculty members.

IIB’s online course – the best online coaching for NEET and AIIMS.

IIB, the best coaching institute for AIIMS, JIPMER, and NEET in Maharashtra, is providing its students with the best online coaching for NEET and AIIMS. Launched to help students continue their NEET and AIIMS preparation from the safety of their homes, this course is the online counterpart of IIB’s reputed classroom program. 

The online course stands on three essential pillars of learning – concept learning, test-taking, and doubt clearing. IIB’s expert faculty members are teaching the concepts via videos. After learning the concepts, students can test themselves through the online test series. If they have any doubts regarding any problem or concept, they can get them cleared during the online doubt clearing sessions. The whole process has been designed to ensure a productive and satisfying learning experience for the students.




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