Best Institute for NEET Physics Coaching – IIB

Best Institute for NEET Physics Coaching

Established in 1999, IIB is the Best Institute for NEET Physics coaching and a reputable training organization aiming to train aspiring doctors to pass competitive medical exams such as AIIMS and JIPMER. In addition, the Institute is a pioneering and unique Physics coaching institution in Maharashtra, providing the best medical coaches.

To date, IIB has an excellent record in shaping more than 15,000 medical professionals and is a name to consider when looking for the best medical training in India. IIB has now launched its physics, chemistry, and biology training to provide a one-stop service for students preparing to enter medicine, demonstrating its overall approach to competitive exam preparation. As a result, it has become the best coaching institute for NEET.

Introduction about NEET Physics

Many medical students find the physics portion of NEET difficult because it contains various theoretical concepts and number problems. When you try to learn physics and your preparation plan does not have any practical advantages, you will feel that you have understood all the concepts, but you will not apply them in your exams.

NEET Physics includes the following topics – 



Modern physics

Heat and thermodynamics


SHM and waves

How difficult is it?

Based on the analysis of last year’s NEET exam, physics is the most challenging part of the three parts of the NEET exam. 42.2% of the questions are medium-level in the NEET physics section, while the remaining 57.8% are superficial. 

There are various questions on the paper. 

  • Formula-based questions => 20–25 (80–100 points), if you understand each formula, it’s easy.
  • Theory-based questions => 5–10 (20–40 points) 
  • Concept-based questions => 5–10 (20–40 points) 

Therefore, this problem can only be solved when you understand each concept and law and its application.

Is Physics Coaching Necessary For NEET?

It is wrong to think that we can pass a famous competitive exam like NEET by asking a good coach. The most important thing is the student’s preparation, hard work, and confidence on the day of the test. 

Often it is difficult to obtain all the required facilities, which is why most students end up tutoring. In addition, unless you are studying in a training centre, you may not know the updated courses, models, or essential concepts.

If you want to get professional help, it is not difficult to get. IIB has started Physics Coaching from May 2021. IIB provides a team of cooperative teachers who have many years of experience and research in their arsenal. 

Its impeccable track record and selection rate attests to the effectiveness of his unique and well-researched learning techniques. IIB recognizes the need to provide a comprehensive solution for those with aspirations. The teachers have a deep understanding of competitive examinations and the questions raised in them.


  • IIB team ensures that all students’ needs are met by offering various courses, including the acclaimed distance learning course that bridges the gap between desire and opportunity. 
  • A collection of questions and materials to provide candidates with a summary and comprehensive knowledge within a limited time, as well as IIB A2Z, which guarantees end-to-end preparation.

Learning is a way of life,” said Dashrath Patil, Director of the IIB. “We propose to work hard to create a society where intellectuals can realize their dreams.”






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